The hottest ticket for the Pacific Northwest coming in 2020 is the 3rd Annual Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup (RV Cup). The event is slated for June 19th-21st at Grays Harbor ORV Park in McCleary, Washington.
Why is it the hottest ticket? Well who doesn’t want to get seat time? The RV Cup event offers some of the longest moto’s on the west coast. Each and every moto is a timed race to allow riders to plan they’re racing for that day.
Why is it the hottest ticket? No other event in the Pacific Northwest can a rider hold the AMA #1 Plate above their heads. When 10-time champion Ryan Villopoto speaks about championships, it is about being an AMA champion. This is why titles matte when riders say they are champions. When Mike Alessi talks about winning more titles than RV, he’s referring to AMA titles as amateurs.
Why is it the hottest ticket? Unlike the classes of old, the RV Cup uses completely new ages much like UIL Little League Baseball. The new age groups allow a racer to be the senior in a class every year all the way through the 250 12-16 classes. The RV Cup ONLY allows 2 years in every class starting with the 51 (5-6) Limited. As an example, the 51cc division has the 51 (5-6), 51 (6-7), 51 (7-8). When a rider graduates to the 65 and 85 classes, it is the same theory. Only two-year ages are in each of the age group classes.
The Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup is for riders of the Pacific Northwest to have a venue with a safety record as well. “The slower, the better,” RV said. “Brent Davis grooms our track to keep speeds down and that contributes to fewer injuries.”
Go to to get registered now.  If you miss online registration, post-registration will open at the track on Thursday, June 18th.
Now let’s get back to racing!!!!