Hey guys, Ryan Villopoto here.  Many people have been emailing and asking if a class has filled up yet.  Now that pre-registration has closed, NO classes are nearing being sold out.  Everyone that shows up will race.  Don’t miss out.
Have you seen the daily schedule yet? If not, here is the link: DAILY SCHEDULE.  Not only are you getting “timed practice” just like the Pro’s, now you know what time each of your races is going to be.
Did you notice how long each moto is?  You travel hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles for what?  This is not any of that 3 lap/4 lap crap racing.  The average moto will be on the track for 17 minutes and since Grays Harbor fastest lap time is just under 2 minutes, you are talking about double the laps at some of these “BIG” races.  Last year, the Challenge classes were insane; the 50cc Peewee (4-8) Limited Challenge went 9 LAPS PER MOTO, the 65’s and 85’s went 10 LAPS, and all the big bikes from the 125 and larger went a WHOPPING 11 LAPS PER MOTO.
The schedule is subject to change of course but that depends on how many of you attend. If every one of you in this database shows up, we are going to have an event to remember.
Brent Davis and I have worked hard this year with the track changes. The soil at Grays Harbor is going to be rough to help keep speeds down, technical to challenge the riders, and fun flowing so everyone one can enjoy their time on the track.
As you probably have read, post-registration will open at the track on Wednesday, August 14th at 11 AM. Rest up this weekend and we will see you next week for sure. I will be there every day and you should too.
See you there,