April 23, 2018 (Pala, CA.) – It’s already time to start planning your New Year’s weekend to beautiful southern California for the 2nd Annual Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup presented by Alpinestars at Pala Raceway from December 30th through January 1, 2019. With 250 days until the front gates open, the time to mark your calendar is now.

If you raced the inaugural RV Cup, you received a letter from Ryan Villopoto acknowledging the input received from riders and families along with the direction for the second year. Changes include but not limited to:

  1. Adding an Air-Cooled limited 50cc class and have a double gate drop with the 51cc Special Limited class.
  2. Separating the Girls (9-15) to a Girls Jr (9-11) and Girls Sr (12-15) with a double gate drop.
  3. Classes from item #1 and #2 will be limited to 21 entries per class.
  4. All “Challenge” classes will change from 60 to a limit of 42 entries per class to eliminate the possibility of divisions.
  5. Site laps will occur two times per day.
  6. The RV Cup will be one day shorter.
  7. Admission fee will decrease from $60 to $40 (1 day of practice and 3 days of racing).

“One of our goals was to show in the first year the value we place on track time” said Ryan Villopoto. “Our aim is to bring riders to racing. So many riders avoid races for various reasons so we are attempting to provide them with new opportunities. I will once again design the track with safety being our #1 priority.”

What can riders expect from the 2019 RV Cup?

  1. Just like the inaugural year, the moto’s will be long.
  2. With an increase in entries, the track will be demanding.
  3. Tech inspection for sound testing.
  4. Random tear-downs implemented for 51cc classes of the two of the Top 5.
  5. A secure mechanics and impound area.

Online registration will open on November 1, 2018.