May 11, 2019 (McCleary, WA.) – Time is closing in quickly on July 1st for early registration to open to the 2nd Annual Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup at Grays Harbor ORV in McCleary, Washington, August 15-18, 2019.  Only 50 days remain from today before the gates will begin to fill with guaranteed spots for each of the 40 amateur classes of the RV Cup.

Go over to the @rvmxcup Instagram page and have a chance to win two FREE gate entries to this years RV Cup.  Rules and registration apply so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

The RV Cup focuses heavily on youth classes to offer new and other more experienced racers an entirely fresh group to compete against.  Classes are limited to avoid having divisions and dragging out the schedule.  Race entries are first come, first served and once a class fills, alternates will be taken.  The (1.1) Peewee (4-6) Air-Cooled Limited and (1.2) Peewee (4-6) Special Limited along with the (16.1) Girls Jr (9-11) and the (16.2) Girls Sr (12-15) will be limited to 20 entries each and double gated for their moto’s.  Click the link to review the complete CLASS STRUCTURE.

As an AMA sanctioned event, riders have the structure of limited and modified class rules to help maintain parity.  If you are not a member of the AMA, you can join by clicking the link: JOIN THE AMA.

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